UK Digital Influence Index

Top 35 Places in the UK ranked by Digital Influence

Rank Place Change
2Nottingham +8
3Edinburgh +3
4Bristol +1
5Glasgow -3
6Leeds +1
7Manchester -3
10York +1
11Gloucester +39
12Brighton +21
13Liverpool -10
14Leicester +6
15Norwich -3
16Cardiff -2
17Cheltenham +6
18Newcastle Upon Tyne -2
19Cambridge +2
20Hull +20
21Bath +58
22Bournemouth +8
23Plymouth +5
24Harrogate +92
25Southampton -8
26Belfast -11
27Oxford +35
28Aberdeen -3
29Derby +30
30Reading -12
31Northampton +10
32Coventry +4
33Blackpool +31
34Chester -21
data generated: 22nd Sep 2017

UK Digital Influence Index

1300 towns. 150,000 high street businesses. 

This Index is a ranking of 1300 towns and cities in the UK, taking into account audience size, message volume and engagement that occur across social media networks from a total of 150,000  high street businesses across the UK.

Find out where your town ranks.

This index has been created for the #WDYT campaign to help towns and cities better understand their digital influence. It provides a way to measure  ROI of investment in digital activities within a town and benchmarks every significant UK high street.

The UK Digital Influence Index exists to enable: 

  1. A ranking to benchmark the digital influence of 1300 UK towns and cities.
  2. A way for us to measure the impact of the #WDYT campaign in participating places.
  3. A report for every town and city in the UK  that reveals and ranks the digital output of each high business in that place. Contact us.
  4. A report for place managers that enables them to view how much they are promoting each business within their town or city. Contact us for more details.
  5. Working with our collaborators, LDC  (The Local Date Company) this data can be linked to footfall data so that digital influence can be linked to physical footfall.  Contact us for more details.

The UK Digital Influence Index Frequency

The indexes are scored daily using the past 24 hours activity on Twitter and Instagram and Facebook coming soon. This allows us to monitor and review over time how patterns change with each place.


How much noise (messages posted), reach (audience of those messages) and coming soon we will include engagement (replies, Retweets, Fav etc ) and sentiment ( how does a place and it’s retailers make consumers feel).

Taking these top line numbers from social networks and matching them with the Retailers located in that Place we apply statistical to produce these Indexes.

Each Town’s Digital Influence Report

i.e Banbury Digital Influence Report

Ranking of each Place in the UK but focusing on independent retailers only. The same methodology for ranking is applied as with the UK Digital Influence Index. Towns and cities that can request their reports by contacting us.

Further Scope under research and developed

The UK Digital Influence Index is new and it is constantly being updated by Maybe* who are creating a custom portal which will allow users to view, execute and download custom reports. They are also working on a greater classification of data including:

  • Expanding Facebook coverage
  • Reviewing statistical weighting and deviation on calculations
  • Activity over time
  • Place Competitor Analysis
  • Sector based Indexes
  • Extended place based analysis and reports
  • Social posts quality ranking
  • Sentiment on products discussed a place

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