#WDYT Stafford

Stafford went live with the #WDYT campaign in March 2017. Working with Stafford Town Partnership the #WDYT team have helped Stafford retailers increase their digital influence and they have risen from position 170 to 46 in the Digital Influence Index.

David Frost CBE, Stoke-on-Trent and Staffordshire Local Enterprise Partnership chairman, said:

“This initiative is a great example of the forward-thinking and innovative attitude of our local businesses.  “It is important to use opportunities such as social media to the full to help create vibrant town centres and make this area a great place to work, live and invest.” 

Businesses and shoppers in Stafford take part in the #WDYT campaign by taking a photo and sharing it with #WDYT and #Stafford. The #WDYT team amplify all activity and share activity through the National campaign activity on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

“The response from those businesses who have decided to get on board this positive campaign has been phenomenal.

“It is a tough retail environment but the High Street is evolving and I am pleased that so many of our businesses want to be part of that evolution rather than burying their heads in the sand.

“The TCP and Stafford Borough Council have backed the #WDYT campaign and it is great to see how well we are performing in the digital world.”

Chris Lewis, Stafford Town Centre Partnership Chairman

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