#WDYT Stroud

Stroud went live with the #WDYT campaign in July 2016. Working with Stroud District Council the #WDYT team have helped Stroud retailers increase their digital influence and they have risen from position 270 to 106 in the Digital Influence Index.

Businesses and shoppers in Stroud take part in the #WDYT campaign by taking a photo and sharing it with #WDYT and #Stroud. The #WDYT team amplify all activity and share activity through the National campaign activity on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Fiona Mills-Carlyon, Owner of Moonflower in Stroud said:

“I think other businesses in Stroud could really benefit from getting involved with #WDYT because I think if we all join up together it makes a much stronger offer to make Stroud a really good place to come visit when you fancy shopping.”

#WDYT live in Stroud

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