#WDYT Tewkesbury

Tewkesbury went live with the #WDYT campaign in  February 2017. Working with Tewkesbury Borough Council the #WDYT team have helped Tewkesbury retailers increase their digital influence and they have risen from position 537 to 214 in the Digital Influence Index.

Businesses and shoppers in Tewkesbury take part in the #WDYT campaign by taking a photo and sharing it with #WDYT and #Teweksbury. The #WDYT team amplify all activity and share activity through the National campaign activity on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Annette Roberts, head of development services at Tewkesbury Borough Council, said:

“We are really pleased to be supporting this campaign. Helping local business to reach new customers, gain new skills and reach a wider audience is worthwhile for both individual businesses and for the community as a whole.”

#WDYT live in Tewkesbury

What Tewkesbury thinks of #WDYT

Tewkesbury #WDYT results