#WDYT in the press

Why retailers should be engaging the ageing

Retailers are not doing enough to capture the spending power of older customers.

28th July 2017 

Revive and Thrive talk Digital Influence

The towns and cities with the highest rates of digital activity among local retailers and shoppers in England have been revealed.

27th July 2017 

Most influential women in UK tech: The 2017 longlist

Polly Barnfield, CEO of Maybe* has been nominated as the most influential women in tech 2017.

5th July 2017 

#WDYT Stroud Subrooms (Comedy Weekender) competition reaches 60,834 people

#WDYT rolled out in Stroud to boost the comedy weekender proving seriously good for business.

5th July 2017 

Your chance to be part of Gloucester’s Summer of Music and Culture

Who fancies dancing to one of the hottest bands of the moment, who have wowed the crowd?

30th June 2017 

Social media boost for Cumbrian high streets

Social media savvy shoppers are being urged to boost sales in stores across Cumbria.

28th June 2017 

Boost for Stafford as digital campaign brings shoppers into town centre

Footfall has gone up between six and 22 per cent each week compared to last year since the #WDYT (What Do You Think) campaign launched.

21st June 2017 

Noisy Little Monkey creates positive chatter about WDYT campaign

“Our town lead collaboration is definitely striking a chord… The #WDYT campaign is all about increasing every businesses’ ability to increase their digital influence.”

20th June 2017 

Retailers and shoppers in Somerset urged to get online

Somerset has one of the lowest rates of digital activity among local retailers and shoppers in England, according to new statistics.

19th June 2017 

#WDYT teams up with Stafford’s Cheese and Ale Festival

This festival, which had completely sold out, starred Jean Christophe and was a huge hit with an estimated 45,000 people visiting the town over the weekend.

16th June 2017 

Win two tickets to the Comedy Weekender and a meal for two

Gloucestershire Live teams up with #WDYT to offer a pair of tickets to the Comedy Weekender in Stroud and we’re throwing in a meal for two as well.

16th June 2017 

Local retailers lacking ‘digital influence’

Cornwall has one of the lowest rates of digital activity among local retailers and shoppers in England, according to new statistics.

15th June 2017 

Shropshire among worst for internet business

Retailers in Shropshire are losing out on opportunities presented by the internet. Read the full article.

14th June 2017 

Retailers encouraged to ‘get online to help the High Street’

Growing digital channels can help boost the high street in UK towns, according to an index compiled by Maybe*.

14th June 2017 

Which High Streets have the most digital clout?

Cheltenham has made an appearance in the top ten of a list of towns and cities with a strong online presence.

13th June 2017 

Liverpool Shoppers urged to support high street online

In a bid to increase the city’s UK Digital Influence Index ranking, shoppers are being told to join in online conversation.

13th June 2017 

Hollywood Bowl scores a strike with WDYT social media campaign

A recent competition attracted over 1,800 entries while boosting the digital influence of the venue and the town.

9th June 2017

Savvy shoppers boost town’s social media status

Loyal locals have pushed Leamington into the top two per cent of towns and cities using social media to boost business.

9th June 2017

Seminar will help businesses use WDYT on-line initiative win sales

This event will show you how to be more visible online and the cumulative effect of that on our town.

05 June 2017

Symbol retailers call for more social media support

Retailers have called on symbol groups to provide them with the training to stay savvy when it comes to social media.

2nd June 2017 

Fair wind of Tall Ships drives success of high street retail campaign WDYT

A pre-Tall Ships competition for the Cheltenham fashion store Bodega reached nearly 100,000 local shoppers.

1st June 2017 

10 reasons why you need to visit your high street this weekend

From boutiques to bakeries, more and more retailers are signing up to #WDYT and connecting with shoppers.

18th May 2017 

Why Cheltenham and Gloucester are top of the shops when it comes to social media on the High Street

They are in the top 20 of the UK Digital Influence Index, measuring digital activity.

18th May 2017 

Tewkesbury businesses encouraged to join high street and online campaign WDYT

Tewkesbury Borough Council has signed up to be a pilot for the #WDYT campaign.

11th May 2017 

WDYT campaign aims to get the tills of Gloucestershire ringing

Campaign on the verge of unlocking the future of the high street for businesses and retailers.

9th May 2017 

Get involved in #WDYT and win a whole outfit from Bodega

There’s a digital revolution happening on the High Street, get involved and win an entire outfit

2nd May 2017 

Businesses embrace #WDYT campaign to win the retail battle

The campaign is bringing together retailers, businesses and consumers through signposting in digital channels.

2nd May 2017 

Stafford businesses take to social media to showcase town’s gems

STAFFORD businesses showcased their wares in a pop-up High Street to launch #WDYT campaign.

7th April 2017 

Pop-up high street heads to Stafford as part of digital campaign

A POP-UP high street is coming to Stafford as part of a pilot digital campaign to boost footfall in the town.

4th April 2017 

Engaging digital shop window opens in Leamington

A DIGITAL shop window has opened in Leamington to help town centre traders get better connected with customers.

7th February 2017