Increase the Digital Influence of your business with #WDYT

The #WDYT (What do you Think) campaign helps high street businesses across the UK use social media and digital channels to increase their digital influence to drive local footfall.

We help businesses of all sizes increase their digital influence to encourage more people into their stores and onto local high streets.  We can do the same for you.

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Set up your social accounts

We have guides to help you set up your Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook accounts. You’ll need these to get started with #WDYT. But don’t worry, our guides will have you up and running in minutes if you need help.

Take a photo and share it every day

Every day you need to take a photo of your most popular items and share them on your social accounts. Make sure to tag #WDYT and your #TownName so we can share your posts with thousands of new shoppers.

Include your shoppers in the fun

We’ll provide you with tent cards and window stickers to invite your shoppers to join in the fun. They’re asked to share a photo of their favourite things in your store and tag #WDYT, #YourTown and @yourstore. Every week we buy shoppers the things they’ve shared. Here’s more on that.

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